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Essentials: Tinie Tempah!

24 April 2014
Whether you're taking a trip across country, international or going on tour, what is on your list of travel essentials?Have a look at this essential list from Tinie Tempah.Vivid Drinks – "Good for getting my mind steady. It’s the perfect drink before a show and gets my head clear just before I go on stage."

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The story behind Vivid Matcha

10 April 2014
Our founder James tells the story behind matcha drink Vivid!

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More than just coffee on the menu at the London Coffee Festival

01 April 2014
When the world zigs, we zag. It might be called the London Coffee Festival but we've got a feeling that tea will steal the show ;) We'll be at the event in London's Truman Brewery showing coffee lovers how to get their caffeine fix without the highs and lows. Vivid Matcha's unique blend of caffeine and L'theanine gives a long lasting, balanced mental lift, meaning that you won't need to fill up your coffee cup all day long

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